(A)   (1)   The village recruits candidates as broadly as possible (i.e., both externally and internally), for all vacant positions, except as otherwise provided for by state statues and in compliance/agreement with § 35.040. The village is committed to the principle of recruiting and selecting employees on the basis of demonstrated and potential ability to perform the functions of the position available and in accordance with the village’s policy of equal employment opportunity.
      (2)   Applicants for certain village positions may be subject to specific testing or certifications as determined by the respective department.
   (B)   The following steps should be taken in the selection and recruitment process for all positions/departments:
      (1)   The President or staff identifies an open position;
      (2)   An updated job position and advertisement is prepared;
      (3)   A job description, proposed budget, and salary range is provided to the Board for approval;
      (4)   The President approves the hiring action;
      (5)   The President selects two Trustees to advise the Board regarding applicants. In the case of a Police Department hire, the two Trustees will work with the Police Chief to identify qualified candidates;
      (6)   A job announcement is placed in the local paper and job websites for a period of two weeks and is posted within the village’s facilities;
      (7)   Application forms are provided by staff to applicants during recruiting period;
      (8)   The two Trustees will be provided with completed applications;
      (9)   The two Trustees review and approve a short list of qualified applicants for interviews and background checks and select two applicants to be interviewed in closed session by the entire Board;
      (10)   The Board makes a recommendation on a suitable candidate to the President; and
      (11)   The President may agree or disagree with recommendation and then negotiates the salary and makes the hiring commitment.
(Ord. 17-O-06, passed 3-7-2017)