Sec. 5-25.03.  Rent Adjustment Commission.
   (a)   Creation and organization of the Rent Adjustment Commission.  The “Rent Adjustment Commission of the City of Thousand Oaks” is hereby created.  The Commission shall consist of five seated members comprised of one landlord, one tenant and three individuals who are neither landlords nor tenants of a residential rental property.  Three alternate commissioners may be appointed by the City Council to the Commission, comprised of one landlord, one tenant, and one individual who is neither a landlord nor a tenant of a residential rental property.  The seated members and alternates shall be appointed and removed by the Council, all serving at the Council’s pleasure.  If at any time during the term of a seated member or alternate member, the member becomes a landlord or tenant of residential rental property, or ceases to be same in conflict with his/her Commission designation, the office or position of that member shall immediately become vacant and a new appointment made thereto.
   The term of office or assignment for each member of the Commission shall be for the period of time from their appointment to the time that this section is no longer in effect.  The Commission shall designate one of its members as a chairperson and one of its members as vice- chair, which officers shall hold office for one year and until their successors are elected.
   (b)   Commission action and procedure.  Each of the five seated Commissioners shall be entitled to one vote.  Three members shall constitute a quorum for purposes of conducting a meeting.  The decisions of the Commission shall be determined by a majority vote of the seated members present.  An alternate Commissioner may only become a seated Commissioner for purposes of Commission action or decision in the absence of the Commissioner appointed as a seated member of the Commission or if the seated member asks to be excused. In the event of such absence, an alternate Commissioner shall be seated only in accordance with his/her designation as a landlord, tenant, or nonlandlord/nontenant. In no event shall more than five votes be cast for any action or decision of the Commission.
   (c)   Powers and responsibilities.  The Commission shall have the power and be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this chapter and the provisions of any ordinance regulating rents in apartment complexes.  It shall have the authority to issue orders and promulgate policies, rules and regulations to effectuate the purposes of this chapter.  It may make such studies and investigations, conduct such hearings, and obtain such information as it deems necessary to promulgate, administer and enforce any regulation, rule or order adopted pursuant to this chapter.  The City Manager shall designate employees to furnish staff support to the Commission.
   Every year the Commission may render to the City Council a written report of its activities pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter along with such comments and recommendations as it may choose to make.  The Commission shall meet as often as necessary to perform its duties.
   (d)   Compliance with Brown Act.  The meetings of the Commission shall be held within the city and open to the public.  Such meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the items contained in a posted agenda and conducted in compliance with the state Brown Act.
(§ 2, Ord. 1254-NS, eff. January 23, 1996)