Sec. 4-3.702.  Truck prohibition.
   When signs prohibiting trucks over six (6) tons are placed at road entrances into the City of Thousand Oaks, no person shall drive a truck, as defined by the California Vehicle Code, exceeding a maximum gross weight limit of six (6) tons on any City street, roadway, highway or alley, in the City of Thousand Oaks except if allowed by posted signs or for local deliveries; provided, however, the provision of this article shall not prohibit the use set  forth in Sections 35703 and 35704 of Article 4 of Chapter 5 of Division 15 of the Vehicle Code of the State. The provisions of this article shall not apply to passenger buses under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission of the State.
(§ 1(b), Ord. 177, as amended by Ord. 1375-NS, eff. May 10, 2001 and Ord. 1522-NS, eff. January 1, 2010)