Sec. 8-4.15. Fees.
   (a)   Schedule of Building Permit Fees. Fees shall be established by resolution of the City Council and assessed in accordance with this section and the Thousand Oaks User Fee Schedule.
   (b)   Strong Motion Instrumentation Program Fund. In addition to and considered a part of the fees collected pursuant to the City Council resolution establishing building permit fees, a fee shall be collected from all applicants for building permits, as required by California Public Resources Code Section 2705, for the administration of the State of California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program. The amount of this fee will be specified in the Thousand Oaks User Fees. All funds raised by such additional fee shall be placed in a trust fund which shall be known as the Strong Motion Instrumentation Program Fund and shall be remitted quarterly to the State of California pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 8 of Division 2 of the Public Resources Code and the rules and regulations of the Division of Mines and Geology of the Department of Conservation.
   (c)   Other Fees. Fees as established by resolution of the City Council and in accordance with the Thousand Oaks User Fee Schedule shall be required and paid for Building Department services, including, but not limited to, plan examination and construction inspection beyond normal business hours.
   Permits for which no fees are required may be issued upon prior approval by the Building Official for qualified projects of City departments or other governmental agencies and for minor projects not inimical to public health, safety or welfare.
   In specific circumstances when consultant professional services may be used by the Building and Safety Division, those costs may be directly charged to the applicant as fees.
   (d)   Reinspection Fees. A reinspection fee shall be established by resolution of the City Council to be assessed by the Building Official. In instances where reinspection fees have been assessed, no additional inspection of the work will be performed until the required reinspection fees have been paid.
   (e)   Refunds. The Building Official may authorize fee refunds upon written application by the original permittee, within the limitations set forth herein:
   (1)   Any fee totaling Thirty-five and no/100ths ($35.00) Dollars or less, exclusive of issuance fee, if any, shall be nonrefundable except as specified in subsection (2) below.
   (2)   One hundred (100%) percent of any fee erroneously paid or collected shall be refundable.
   (3)   Ninety (90%) percent of any plan review fee shall be refundable when the permit application is withdrawn or cancelled prior to commencement of plan review. Plan review fees will be nonrefundable once the plan review has commenced.
   (4)   Eighty (80%) percent of any permit fee shall be refundable when the construction work authorized by such permit has not commenced.
   (5)   Ninety (90%) percent of any Board of Appeals filing fee shall be refundable when such hearing is cancelled prior to the issuance of a Notice of Hearing pertaining to the case.
   (6)   Permits not issued to, or authorized by, the property owner shall be nonrefundable.
   (7)   Third-party fees collected by the City on behalf of other agencies or the State, said related fees are nonrefundable once fees have been surrendered to the third-party agencies.
   Failure of the permit holder to submit written application for a refund within 180 days of expiration of a plan review, permit, hearing, or request for service for which a fee has been paid, shall constitute a waiver of entitlement to a refund. No partial refund shall be authorized, nor credit be applied against other fees which may be payable to the City of Thousand Oaks, when a construction project is cancelled or abandoned subsequent to partial completion of the building or work authorized by a permit.
(§ 3, Ord. 1707-NS, eff. January 1, 2023)