Sec. 8-4.010. Application for Permit.
   To obtain a permit, the applicant shall first file an application therefor in writing on a form furnished by the department of building safety for that purpose. Such application shall:
   (1)   Identify and describe the work to be covered by the permit for which application is made.
   (2)   Describe the land on which the proposed work is to be done by legal description, street address or similar description that will readily identify and definitely locate the proposed building or work.
   (3)   Indicate the use and occupancy for which the proposed work is intended.
   (4)   Be accompanied by construction documents and other information as required in Section 107 of the California Building Code.
   (5)   State the valuation of the proposed work.
   (6)   Be signed by the applicant, or the applicant's authorized agent.
   (7)   Give such other data and information as required by the building official.
   (8)   Applications for plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits, describing the work to be done, shall be made in writing to the Building Official by a properly licensed contractor, his/her authorized representative, or by a person properly qualified and licensed by the Contractor's State License Board, under the provisions of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California, except when and as otherwise hereinafter provided in this section. Permits may be issued to specialty-licensed contractors or licensed general building contractors when acting within the provisions of State Contracting License Law.
   (9)   Any permit required by this Code may be issued to any person to do any work regulated by this Code in a single family dwelling used exclusively for living purposes, including the usual accessory buildings and quarters in connection with such building, in the event that any such person is the bona fide owner of any such dwelling and accessory buildings and quarters, and that the same are occupied by said owner, provided that such owner shall personally purchase all material and shall personally perform all labor in connection therewith and demonstrate the knowledge and ability to perform said construction work in conformance with the requirements of the California Plumbing, Mechanical or Electrical Codes. If, in the opinion of the enforcing authority, such knowledge and ability is insufficient, a person licensed to do such work may be required.
(§ 3, Ord. 1707-NS, eff. January 1, 2023)