Sec. 5-29.36. Packaging and labeling.
   (a)   Before a retailer of commercial cannabis sells any edible cannabis or edible cannabis product to a customer, it shall be labeled and placed in tamper-evident packaging which at least meets the requirements of the MAUCRSA and all implementing rules and regulations.
   (b)   Labeling must include a warning if nuts or other known allergens are used, and must include the total weight, in ounces or grams, of cannabis in the package.
   (c)   A warning that the item is a medication and not a food must be clearly legible on the front of the package and/or must comply with State packing requirements.
   (d)   The package must have a label warning that the product is to be kept away from children.
   (e)   The label must also state that the product contains cannabis and must specify the date of manufacture.
   (f)   Any edible cannabis product that is made to resemble a typical food product must be in a properly labeled opaque, or non-see-through package, before it leaves the commercial cannabis retail business.
   (g)   Retail products must be in a properly labeled opaque package when purchased.
   The City Council may impose additional packaging and labeling requirements on cannabis or cannabis products as permitted by law.
(§ 2, Ord. 1636-NS, eff. December 29, 2017)