Sec. 9-4.4306.  Conditions on removal.
   The conditions may be imposed on the permit at the discretion of the decision maker including, but not limited to, any of the following:
   (a)   A condition requiring the replacement or placement of additional trees on the subject property to offset the impacts associated with the loss of a tree, limbs, or encroachment into the protected zone of a landmark tree;
   (b)   The relocating of a tree on-site or off-site, or the planting of a new tree off-site to offset the loss of a tree;
   (c)   A condition requiring an objectively observable maintenance and care program be initiated to insure the continued health and care of landmark trees on the property;
   (d)   Payment of a fee or donation of a boxed tree to the City or other public agency to be used elsewhere in the community should a suitable replacement location of the tree not be possible on-site or off-site.
(§ 2, Ord. 1217-NS, eff. October 28, 1994, as amended by Part 4, Ord. 1610-NS, eff. January 15, 2016)