Sec. 9-4.4301.  Purpose.
   The City lies in the Conejo Valley, the beauty of which is greatly enhanced by the presence of large numbers of majestic trees.  At one time, the area was almost entirely covered by an oak woodland, however, development of the City has resulted in the removal of a great number of these trees. Further uncontrolled and indiscriminate destruction of trees would detrimentally affect the health, safety and welfare of the City of Thousand Oaks.  This preservation program outlined in this chapter contributes to the welfare and aesthetics of the community and retains the great historical and environmental value of these trees.
   This chapter sets forth the policy of the City to require the preservation of all healthy landmark trees unless reasonable and conforming use of the property justifies the removal, cutting, pruning, and/or encroachment into the protected zone of a landmark tree.
(§ 2, Ord. 1217-NS, eff. October 28, 1994, as amended by Part 4, Ord. 1610-NS, eff. January 15, 2016)