Sec. 9-4.908.  Residential planned development permits: Lands designated SP (R-P-D).
   Applicants for permits for lands zoned RPD-SP shall follow and be subject to an approved specific plan and, except as provided in this section as follows, shall be subject to all the other provisions governing the R-P-D Zones:
   (a)   No R-P-D permit shall be issued upon any portion of land zoned R-P-D with an "SP" designation until there has been submitted to the Commission a specific plan of the entire area, showing the proposed densities and the open space or park areas for all portions of such land, and the specific plan is approved by the Council.
   (b)   Any application for an R-P-D permit deviating from the approved specific plan shall require a new specific plan to be submitted and approved as a condition precedent for the issuance of the R-P-D permit; provided, however, the Community Development Director may approve up to a ten (10%) percent transfer of areas of density as approved on the specific plan so long as no other deviations are involved.
(§ I, Ord. 459-NS, eff. July 4, 1974, as amended by § 30, Ord. 1555-NS, eff. May 13, 2011)