Sec. 3-10.105.  Purchase orders.
   (a)   Except for departmental purchases as authorized in Sec. 3-10.201(a), purchases under Five Thousand and no/100th ($5,000.00) Dollars and exemptions established in the Purchasing Administrative Regulations Manual, purchases of supplies, services, and special equipment/supplies, shall be made only by purchase orders issued by the Purchasing Agent.
   (b)   The purpose of a Purchase Order is to ensure compliance with this Purchasing Ordinance. The Purchasing Administrative Regulations Manual allows for exemptions from Purchase Order requirements because the procurement does not fall within this chapter. Examples of such exemptions include: acquiring land or books, payments that are not for the actual purchase of services, goods or supplies, or payments of debt services.
(§ 1, Ord. 1638-NS, eff. January 12, 2018)