Sec. 3-20.02.  Miscellaneous service fees.
   The City shall charge and collect a fee in an amount established by councilmanic resolution for the City providing any services, including but not limited to the following:
   (a)   City Clerk’s mailing to any requesting party copies of City Council/Redevelopment Agency agendas or minutes.
   (b)   City Clerk research work requiring the review of minutes, tapes, reports, legislative history, contracts, or municipal code.
   (c)   Microfilm searching of City records and creation of hard copies.
   (d)   Providing certified copies of City documents.
   (e)   Providing audiotape copies of City Council/Redevelopment Agency meetings.
   (f)   Copies of the Thousand Oaks Municipal Code.
   (g)   Block party application processing and permit.
   (h)   Check return charge for insufficient funds.
   (i)   Cameron Center and Janss Pool rental charge.
   (j)   Copy of policy report concerning traffic accident.
   (k)   Processing and review of special events application.
   (l)   Recording any easement, abandonment, resolution, or other title documents as requested by nongovernmental entity party.
   (m)   Processing request for census microfilm from vendors.
   (n)   All library charges, such as responding to request for materials from an off-site location, replacement of a lost book, copies made by City staff, microfilm copies, library card, replacement of library card, copy machine, and materials not returned on time.
(§ 1, Ord. 1093-NS, eff. March 14, 1991)