Sec. 9-4.2525.  Emergency Shelters.
   Emergency shelters shall be subject to the following special standards:
   (a)   One off-street automobile parking space shall be provided per staff person during the largest shift, plus 1/5 of a parking space for each resident.
   (b)   Bicycle racks shall be provided.
   (c)   A client intake area shall be provided at the building entrance and shall include a service counter and a reception area with seating and work space.
   (d)   No emergency shelter shall be located less than three hundred (300') feet from another emergency shelter.
   (e)   Each emergency shelter shall provide on-site management at all times while the shelter remains open, consisting of a minimum of one staff person per 15 clients that enforces and complies with the following requirements:
   (1)   Shelter staff shall receive training in emergency evacuation procedures, shelter operating procedures, first-aid and non-violent crisis intervention.
   (2)   Shelter clients shall be provided with clean sanitary beds and sanitation facilities, including toilets, showers, bedding, soap, towels and toilet tissue.
   (3)   Laundry facilities shall be provided for clients to wash their clothes or shelter staff shall help clients make arrangements for laundry services.
   (4)   According to their needs, clients shall be referred to appropriate medical, psychiatric, housing, educational, social and nutritional services.
   (5)   No individual shall be denied shelter because of an inability to pay.
   (6)   Shelter rules shall be posted and made known to all clients.
   (7)   Management shall establish and enforce rules prohibiting the use of alcohol, illegal use of controlled substances, violent or illegal behavior.
   (8)   Management shall maintain an attendance log to document the demographic characteristics of the clients served and provide an annual report to the City describing the demographics of shelter users and the services provided.
   (9)   Management shall promptly remove any litter in the vicinity attributable to use of the shelter.
   (10)   No items, including, but not limited to, possessions brought to the shelter by clients, shall be stored outdoors.
   (11)   The length of stay for any shelter resident shall not exceed 6 months.
   (12)   No pets shall be allowed in the shelter unless separate indoor kennel facilities are provided for pets.
   (13)   Each shelter shall provide an outdoor smoking area(s) on the premises.
   (f)   Each shelter shall provide the following basic security measures:
   (1)   Entrances and exits shall be clearly marked and well-lighted.
   (2)   Adequate external and internal security lighting shall be provided.
   (3)   Individual lockers shall be provided to allow clients to secure their private possessions while using the shelter.
   (4)   Separate sleeping areas shall be provided for men, women and families.
   (5)   Separate bathing facilities shall be provided for men and women.
   (6)   No person shall be allowed to camp on the premises or sleep on the premises outside of the shelter building.
(§ 30, Ord. 1547-NS, eff. January 12, 2011)