Sec. 8-16.02. Amendments: California Green Building Standards Code.
   The City Council, after due consideration, finds and determines that the 2022 California Green Building Standards Code is hereby amended as follows:
   Section 101.3 “Scope” is amended, subsections adopted as published, and is to read as follows:
   101.3 Scope.
   The provisions of this code and Title 8, Chapter 4, the City of Thousand Oaks Code Administration shall apply to the planning, design, operation, construction, use and occupancy of every newly constructed building or structure, unless otherwise indicated in this code, throughout the State of California.
   It is not the intent that this code substitute or be identified as meeting the certification requirements of any green building program.
   Section 101.12 titled: “Fee for Mandatory Measures” is added and is to read as follows:
   101.12 Fee for Mandatory Measures. A fee established by resolution of City Council and in accordance with the Thousand Oaks Building Code Fee Schedule for plan examination and permit fees shall be assessed to verify compliance with the mandatory measures of the California Green Building Standards Code.
(§ 10, Ord. 1707-NS, eff. January 1, 2023)