Sec. 3-19.01.  Findings.
   The City Council of the City of Thousand Oaks hereby makes the following findings:
   (a)   The residents of the City of Thousand Oaks face the certainty of continued escalating prices for home energy supplies and continued dependence upon imported sources of energy.
   (b)   Solar energy has been found to be an inexhaustible, reliable and nonpolluting energy resource that can contribute to the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Thousand Oaks by lessening dependence upon nonrenewable and imported sources of energy.
   (c)   The high initial cost of purchasing and installing a solar energy device is the primary economic barrier to expanded solar energy use.  Leasing of solar energy devices has proven to be an effective means to reduce this economic barrier and may be an attractive economic alternative to ownership for many consumers.
   (d)   Section 17052.5 of the State Revenue and Taxation Code restricts eligibility for the fifty-five (55%) percent California Solar Tax Credit for leased systems to lessors granted a permit from a municipal solar utility program established by ordinance prior to January 1, 1983.
   (e)   The establishment of a municipal solar utility program can increase public awareness of solar energy alternatives and lead to a greater degree of consumer protection and consumer confidence in leasing solar energy systems, thus substantially increasing the use of solar energy within the City of Thousand Oaks.
(§ 1, Ord. 825-NS, eff. December 21, 1982)