Sec. 8-10.09. Amendments: Article 300.18: Raceway Installations.
   Article 300.18 of California Electrical Code is hereby amended by adding subsection (C) thereto to read as follows:
   (C)   Single Family Dwellings Spare Raceways.
   (i)   In single family dwellings where provisions for spare circuit breakers are provided in a flush mounted panelboard, one (1) raceway of sufficient capacity to permit utilization of such spares or spaces shall be provided to an accessible attic location. Minimum size of these raceways shall be three-quarter (3/4") inch or equivalent at the discretion of the Building Official.
   (ii)   Where sufficient attic space is available, one #10 AWG 3 conductor with a ground NMC nonmetallic-sheathed cable shall be installed and terminated in an approved box and coverplate labeled future circuits.
   (iii)   Raceway for Outdoor Use. One three-quarter (3/4") inch minimum raceway shall be installed in a convenient location within twelve (12") inches maximum of finish grade and terminated in an approved box with a weatherproof coverplate labeled future circuits.
   (iv)   Location for future raceways/conductors shall be approved by the Building Official.
(§ 7, Ord. 1669-NS, eff. January 10, 2020)