Sec. 8-10.07. Amendments: Article 250.52 Service Grounding.
   Article 250.52(A)3 of the 2019 California Electrical Code is hereby amended to read as follows:
   Article 250.52(A)3. Concrete-Encased Electrode.
   Grounding shall be as required by Article 250 of said California Electrical Code, except that in new construction where concrete footings in direct contact with the earth are employed, the electrical service grounding electrode shall be of the concrete-encased type which complies with all the following criteria:
   1.   Located in the bottom three (3") inches of the footing.
   2.   Twenty (20') feet minimum in length.
   3.   Bare copper conductor, sized in accordance with the current edition of the California Electrical Code as adopted, Table 250-94, but not smaller than No. 4 A.W.G. or is a device listed by a recognized testing laboratory and approved by the Building Official.
(§ 7, Ord. 1669-NS, eff. January 10, 2020)