Sec. 8-10.05. Amendments: Article 110.8: Wiring Methods.
   Article 110.8 of the 2022 California Electrical Code is hereby amended read as follows:
   110.8 Wiring Methods.
   Only wiring methods recognized as suitable are included in this Code. The recognized methods of wiring shall be permitted to be installed in any type of building or occupancy, except as otherwise provided in this Code.
   Additions, extensions, alterations or renewal of existing wiring installations shall be made in compliance with the provisions of this Code. Where additions, alterations or extensions of a wiring installation are proposed, where this Code requires a metallic conduit system, and the existing installation was lawfully installed according to any other applicable ordinance, code or order, and the existing wiring is not unsafe in the opinion of the Building Official, the existing wiring need not be replaced.
(§ 8, Ord. 1707-NS, eff. January 1, 2023)