Sec. 8-10.03. Amendments: Administration.
   Enforcing Official. Whenever the term or title "Enforcing Agency or Official", "Authority having jurisdiction" or "Building Official" is used herein, it shall mean the Building Official/Building Division Manager or his/her authorized representative deputy or designee.
   A new Article 90.10 is added to read as follows:
   90.10 Additional Provisions. Refer to Title 8 Chapter 1 of the Thousand Oaks Municipal Code and Chapter 1, Division II, of the 2019 California Building Code for the following topics:
   Powers and Duties of the Building Official, Right of Entry, Stop Orders, Liability, Board of Appeals, Violations, Authority to Disconnect, Permits, Annual Permit, Expiration of Permits, Electrical Plan Review, Fees and Inspections, and Work Exempt from Permits.
(§ 7, Ord. 1669-NS, eff. January 10, 2020)