Sec. 8-8.03. Amendments: Chapter 1, Division II, Section 103.5: Fees.
   Section 103.5 of said California Plumbing Code is hereby added to read as follows:
   103.5.1 The fee for each plan review and permit shall be established by resolution of the City Council. Every applicant for a permit to do work regulated by this Code shall state in writing, on the application form provided for that purpose, the character of work proposed to be done and the amount and kind in connection therewith, together with such information, pertinent thereto, as may be required. The schedule of fees as listed in the California Plumbing Code Table 104.5 is hereby deleted. Whenever the words "Table 104.5" are used in this code, they shall mean and refer to the Thousand Oaks Building Code Fee Schedule for plumbing permit fees as established by resolution of the City Council. For the purpose of this section, a sanitary plumbing outlet on or to which a plumbing fixture or appliance may be set or attached shall be construed to be a fixture. Fees for reconnection and retest of plumbing systems in relocated buildings shall be based on the number of plumbing fixtures, gas systems, water heaters, etc., involved. When a permit has been obtained to connect an existing building or existing work to the public sewer or to connect to a new private disposal facility, backfilling of private sewage disposal facilities abandoned consequent to such connection is included in the permit.
(§ 6, Ord. 1669-NS, eff. January 10, 2020)