Sec. 8-8.02. Amendments: California Plumbing Code.
   The City Council, after due consideration, finds and determines that, due to the need to establish administrative procedures to enforce the California Plumbing Code, as well as due to local climatic, geological, or topographical conditions, including unusual soil conditions prevailing within the City, the public health and welfare would best be served by adding to and amending the California Plumbing Code, and, therefore, said California Plumbing Code, 2019 Edition, is hereby amended as follows:
   Chapter 1, Division II, Section 103.1 "General" is amended by adding the following:
   Wherever the term "Authority Having Jurisdiction" is used in this Code, it shall be construed to mean the Building Official/Building Division Manager or his/her authorized representative deputy or designee.
   Refer to Title 8 Chapter 1 of the Thousand Oaks Municipal Code and Chapter 1, Division II, of the 2019 California Building Code for the following topics: Powers and Duties of the Building Official, Submittal Documents, Certificate of Occupancy, Service Utilities, Board of Appeals, Stop Work Orders and Unsafe structures and equipment.
   Sections 104.0 and 106.0 and 107.0 of Chapter I, Division II are hereby deleted.
(§ 6, Ord. 1669-NS, eff. January 10, 2020)