Sec. 8-7.07. Amendments: Masonry Fireplaces.
   Chapter 10, Section R1001.3.1 “Vertical Reinforcing” is amended to read as follows:
   Vertical Reinforcing. For chimneys up to forty (40”) inches maximum wide, four No. 4 minimum continuous vertical bars shall be placed between wythes of solid masonry or within the cells of hollow unit masonry, extended to the bottom one-third of the footing and turned a twenty-four (24”) inches minimum horizontal, and grouted in accordance with Section R606. Grout shall be prevented from bonding with the flue liner so that the flue liner is free to move with thermal expansion. For chimneys more than forty (40”) inches minimum wide, two additional No. 4 vertical bars shall be provided for each additional flue incorporated into the chimney or for each additional forty (40”) inches in width or fraction thereof.
(§ 6, Ord. 1707-NS, eff. January 1, 2023)