Sec. 8-7.05. Amendments: Concrete Floors (On Ground).
   Section R506.1 “General” is amended by adding the following:
   In lieu of a more detailed design per Section 1808.6 of the 2022 California Building Code, the following minimum requirements for concrete slab on ground shall apply:
   Slab floors shall be reinforced as set forth in Municipal Code Section 81.17 Table 1809.7 (1).
   All slabs founded on soils found to be in an expansive index of over fifty (50) shall be doweled into foundation walls with No. 3 minimum reinforcing steel bars bent twelve (12") inches minimum into the wall and thirty-six (36") inches minimum into the slab at twenty-four (24") inches maximum on center. Interior walls with continuous footings/foundations shall have similar floor ties.
   An alternate design, such as a floating slab eliminating the requirement for doweling, may be submitted to the Building Official for approval.
   Section R506.2.1 “Fill” is amended by adding the following:
   Grading related work shall comply with the requirements of this code and the requirements of Thousand Oaks Municipal Code Title 7, Chapter 3 and Section 8-1.24 for grading regulations, administered by the Department of Public Works, for requirements governing excavation, grading and earthwork construction including fills and embankments.
(§ 6, Ord. 1707-NS, eff. January 1, 2023)