Sec. 8-1.20. Addition: Chapter 61: Building Relocation.
   The City Council, after due consideration, finds and determines that any person, firm, corporation, or entity engaged in construction activities shall provide notice of the conduct and procedures required for relocation, and therefore, Chapter 61 entitled "Building Relocation" is hereby added to said California Building Code to read as follows:
   Chapter 61 Building Relocation
   6101 Building Relocation.
   No person, firm or corporation shall relocate any building or structure, or portion thereof, into the City, or from one parcel to another parcel within the City, or from one portion of a parcel to another location on the same parcel without first obtaining a building relocation permit; provided, however, nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed to apply to a factory-built building approved as such under the jurisdiction of the State. To obtain a permit, the applicant shall first file an application therefore in writing on a form furnished for that purpose. Any building relocation shall be subject to the following provisions:
   6101.1 The following information shall be filed for review and subject to the approval of the Building Official prior to the issuance of the building relocation permit:
   6101.1.1 The location and address of the old and new sites;
   6101.1.2 A plot plan of the new location, including the showing of adjacent lots on all sides of the property and an indication of all structures and improvements on such lot;
   6101.1.3 Plans and specifications for the proposed improvements at the new location, including drainage;
   6101.1.4 The definition of the route of travel for the building to be moved. The time and route shall be subject to the approval of the City Engineer, Fire Chief and Chief of Police;
   6101.1.5 A termite inspection report prepared by a legally qualified person;
   6101.1.6 The abandonment of sewage disposal systems and/or sewer laterals as set forth in the California Plumbing Code;
   6101.1.7 A current photograph showing the front of each building to be relocated;
   6101.1.8 Such additional information as shall be deemed reasonably necessary by the Building Official to carry out the intent and purpose of this Chapter.
   6101.2 Building Relocation Fee.
   6101.2.1 Before any application for a relocation permit is accepted, an inspection fee as set by Council resolution shall be paid to the City for the cost of investigation of the condition of the building to be moved and the inspection of the proposed new location.
   Buildings relocated to different locations on the same lot or parcel shall be exempt from the payment of the inspection fee.
   6101.2.2 When the application includes an accessory building in addition to the main structure, an additional inspection fee as set by City Council resolution for each accessory building shall be paid.
   6101.2.3 In addition to the above fees, if the building or structure is located outside the City limits, a mileage charge equivalent to the current mileage rate paid by the City may be charged for each mile traveled outside the City limits in the course of the investigation.
   6101.3 Before the Building Official may grant a building relocation permit, there shall be evidence of full compliance with all pertinent ordinances, rules, regulations and other laws of the City and State.
   6101.4 The Building Official shall find prior to granting a building relocation permit:
   6101.4.1 That the building is in conformity with the type and quality of buildings existing in the area into which it is proposed to be moved;
   6101.4.2 That there is evidence of full compliance with the zoning provisions (Chapter 4 of Title 9) of the Thousand Oaks Municipal Code;
   6101.4.3 That the building shall comply or be altered to comply with current building, electrical, comfort heating and air conditioning and plumbing code requirements; and
   6101.4.4 Before a building permit may be granted, there shall be required of the applicant the posting of a bond in such an amount as is determined by the Building Official to cover costs of any provisions stated in this chapter. The bond shall also cover the costs involved in cleaning up the vacated site and restoring it to a safe and sightly condition. The bonding time may be limited to ninety (90) days and extended for good cause by the Building Official.
   6102 Appeals.
   Within twenty (20) calendar days after the day of rendition of a decision by the Building Official relating to building relocation, an appeal to the Board of Appeals of the City of Thousand Oaks may be taken by the applicant.
(§ 2, Ord. 1669-NS, eff. January 10, 2020)