Sec. 8-1.15. Amendments: Section 1511 Reroofing.
   A new Section 1511.7 "Underlayment and Fire Classification" is added to read as follows:
   1510.7 Underlayment and Fire Classifications. All re-roofing shall conform to the applicable provisions of Chapter 15 of this Code. Roofing materials and methods of application shall comply with the California Building Codes, or shall follow manufacturer's installation requirements when approved by the Building Official. All existing roofing materials shall be removed entirely, except when the new roof covering is a roof assembly accepted and approved by ICC or UL Evaluation Service or approved by the Building Official, to provide a Class A Roof Classification when installed over the existing fire retardant Class A or Class B roofing materials.
   Additionally, where there is no solid sheathing, a minimum fifteen thirty-secondths (15/32") inch thick wood structural panel sheathing shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 15 of this Code prior to any new roofing application, except when the roof covering is a roofing assembly accepted or approved by the I.C.C. Evaluation Service, to provide a diaphragm shear value equal to or better than fifteen thirty-secondths (15/32") inch thick wood structural panel sheathing.
   All reroofing shall be fire retardant, unless otherwise approved by the Building Official.
   In other than very high fire hazard severity zones, fifty (50%) percent maximum of the roof covering of any building or structure may be replaced with roofing material matching the existing roofing material and having at least a Class B assembly, in any twelve (12) month period.
(§ 2, Ord. 1669-NS, eff. January 10, 2020)