Sec. 8-1.14. Amendments: Chapter 15, Section 1505 Fire Classification.
   Section 1505.1 "General" is amended by removing the reference to Class C roof assemblies.
   Table 1505.1 "Minimum Roof Covering classification for Types of Construction" is amended as follows:
   For Type of Construction IIB, IIIB, IV, and VB change the Minimum Roof Covering Classification from Class C to Class A.
   Section 1505.1.2 "Roof covering within state responsibility areas" is amended by deleting the Exception.
   Section 1505.1.3 "Roof covering within all other areas" is amended by changing the reference from Class C to Class A.
   Section 1505.6 "Fire-retardant treated wood shingles and shakes" is amended by addition of the following sentence to read as follows:
   No fire-retardant treated wooden shakes or shingles shall be used for roof covering except where permitted by Section 1505.1.3.
(§ 2, Ord. 1669-NS, eff. January 10, 2020)