Sec. 10-1.507. Right of entry.
   (a)   Authorized inspectors, agents and employees of the Public Works Department shall have the right of entry and access, at all reasonable times, in, to and upon any and all customers' buildings, grounds, or premises, or any part thereof (including any and all plumbing, fixtures, or connections located, used, maintained, or operated therein or thereon), for the purpose of:
   (1)   Determining the existence, operation, maintenance and/or use in, on or about such buildings, grounds or premises of any plumbing which may now or hereafter cause or create other conditions affecting, or likely to affect, the operation of the wastewater system;
   (2)   Facilitating the enforcement, from time to time, of any and all of the Public Works Department's applicable laws, rules and regulations and policies.
   (b)    Such authorized representatives of the City shall be furnished with, and upon the request of any occupant or property owner, shall display, appropriate evidence of identification.
(Ord. 1515-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)