Sec. 10-1.108. General connection policy.
   (a)   Each parcel of property and each house, building or dwelling unit of separate ownership shall be provided with its own service lateral. More than one lateral may be permitted to a building where judged necessary such as a commercial building housing various users. The requirement for each separate ownership unit to have its own separate lateral shall also pertain to residential condominium conversion projects, unless otherwise approved by the Public Works Department. Where the provision is waived, the wastewater system must be private and must be maintained by a condominium or property owners association.
   (b)   When property provided with a service connection is partitioned, split or otherwise divided, the existing service connection shall be assigned to the lot or parcel nearest the lateral unless the City determines that an alternate assignment or location is appropriate. Additional lateral(s) shall be installed to the other parcel(s) or building(s).
   (c)   All new subdivisions or developments requiring wastewater service shall, unless expressly exempted by the City Council, be annexed to the City prior to final connections to the City's wastewater system.
(Ord. 1515-NS, eff. June 5, 2009)