Sec. 9-10.603.  Implementation, monitoring and enforcement.
   (a)   The City Council may adopt guidelines, by resolution, to assist in the implementation of all aspects of this chapter.
   (b)   No household shall be permitted to begin occupancy of a dwelling unit which is required to be affordable under this chapter unless the City or its designee has determined a household's eligibility using methods as proscribed by the City.
   (c)   The City shall be authorized to enforce the provisions of this chapter and all Affordable Housing Agreements, regulatory agreements, covenants, resale restrictions, promissory notes, deed of trust, and other requirements placed on inclusionary units, and other affordable units, by civil action and any other proceeding or method permitted by law.  The City may, at its discretion, take such enforcement action as is authorized under the Municipal Code and/or any other action authorized by law or equity or by any regulatory document, restriction, or agreement executed under this chapter.
   (d)   Failure of any official or agency to fulfill the requirements of this chapter shall not excuse any applicant or owner from the requirements of this chapter. No permit, license, map, or other approval or entitlement for a residential or nonresidential development shall be issued, including without limitation a final inspection or certificate of occupancy, until all applicable requirements of this chapter have been satisfied.
   (e)   The remedies provided for herein shall be cumulative and not exclusive and shall not preclude the City from any other remedy or relief to which it otherwise would be entitled under law or equity.
   (f)   For inclusionary and affordable units occupied under the provisions of the chapter, the City may require written verification of owner occupancy, or household eligibility and rental rates.
   (g)   The City Council by resolution may establish fees for the on-going administration and monitoring of affordable units, which fees may be updated periodically, as required.