Sec. 9-10.506.  Density bonus plan.
   An application for a residential development requesting a density bonus shall be accompanied by a Density Bonus Plan that will be considered for approval in conjunction with the entitlement applications required for the residential development.
   (a)   Contents of Density Bonus Plan. The density bonus plan shall include the following information:
   (1)   A site plan depicting the number and location of all affordable, market-rate, and density bonus units.
   (2)   A calculation of the maximum number of residential units permitted by the General Plan and zoning of the proposed residential development.
   (3)   The targeted income level of the proposed affordable units.
   (4)   Description of any requested incentive(s) enumerated in Section 9-10.503(b).
   (5)   A list of modifications, or waivers, to development standards the applicant is requesting in addition to those incentives enumerated in Section 9-10.503(b).  For each requested modification or waiver to a development standard, the applicant must provide justification why strict application of the development standard would preclude construction of the residential development at the allowable density.
   (6)   If a density bonus or incentive is requested for a child care facility, the density bonus plan shall include the following:
   (i)   Indicate the location and square footage of the child care facility.
   (ii)   Indicate that the child care facility will remain in operation for as long as or longer than the affordable units are required to remain affordable pursuant to Section 9-10.508 and indicate how the applicant proposes ensuring that the child care facility remains in operation during that period.
   (iii)   Indicate that of the children who attend the child care facility, the percentage of children of very low, lower, or moderate income households shall be equal to or greater than the percentage of dwelling units that are proposed to be affordable to very low, lower, or moderate income households.
   (iv)   Substantiation that the child care facility is needed because the community does not have adequate child care facilities.
   (7)   If a density bonus or incentive is requested for a child care facility or condominium conversion, the application shall provide evidence that the findings in Government Code Section 65915(i) or Section 65915.5, as appropriate, can be made.
(§ 1, Ord. 1506-NS,  eff. October 9, 2008, as amended by § 6, Ord. 1540-NS, eff. July 23, 2010)