Sec. 9-10.305.  Standards for inclusionary units.
   Where inclusionary units are provided in a project, the City and applicant shall enter into an Affordable Housing Agreement to document and guarantee the provision of the required affordable housing units. The Affordable Housing Agreement shall incorporate the approved Inclusionary Housing Plan. Inclusionary units shall also be subject to the following minimum standards.
   (a)   Exterior Design. Inclusionary units should be comparable in exterior appearance and overall quality of construction to market-rate dwelling units in the same residential development. The design and appearance of the affordable units shall be compatible with the design of the market-rate units.
   (b)   Location. Inclusionary units should be dispersed throughout the residential development in a manner acceptable to the City.
   (c)   Timing. Inclusionary units shall be constructed concurrently with market-rate units or pursuant to a schedule included in the Inclusionary Housing Plan and Affordable Housing Agreement.
(§ 1, Ord. 1506-NS,  eff. October 9, 2008)