Sec. 3-8.02.  Permits: Required: Exception.
   (a)   Required. No person or entity shall engage in the act of or business of peddler, hawker, transient or itinerant merchant, solicitor, drummer, canvasser, or telephone solicitor within the City without first obtaining a City permit as specified in this chapter.  The employer, if any, of any such peddler, hawker, transient or itinerant merchant, solicitor, drummer, canvasser or vendor shall obtain a permit. In addition to said permit for the employer, each employee engaged in any act of solicitation, peddling, hawking drumming within the City for that company, employer or entity shall obtain a City identification card.  The permit and all identification cards shall not be transferable.
   At all times when performing any act of soliciting or peddling, the employee or such persons so engaged shall have displayed or on their person any City-issued vendors decal (issued under Chapter 23 of Title 5 of this Code) and permit or the employee identification card.  Such persons shall exhibit the employee identification card or permit whenever requested to do so by a law enforcement or code enforcement officer.
   (b)   Exception.  The provisions of this section shall not be applicable to a business owner or employee who merely operates a vehicle from a fixed place of business, and engages only in delivering a service, a product, food or merchandise to a specified address in response to a customer request, order or invoice made to a fixed place of business.
(§§ 2341 and 2341.1, T.O.O.C., as added by Ord. 158, as amended by § XXIV, Ord. 241-NS, eff. November 25, 1971 and § 2, Ord. 1188-NS, eff. October 12, 1993)