Sec. 9-11.14.  Proceedings for amending, modification or termination.
   (a)   Amendment or mutual cancellation. Either party may propose an amendment to, or cancellation in whole or in part of, a development agreement. The procedure for considering an amendment to, or canceling of the development agreement is the same as for entering into an agreement as set forth in this Chapter. When the City initiates the proposed amendment or cancellation, it shall first five written mailed notice to the other party to the agreement of such intention at least thirty (30) days in advance of the giving of notice of the public hearing.
   (b)   Non-compliance or termination. If, upon a finding under Section 9-11.13(c), the City Council determines to proceed with modification or termination of the agreement, the City shall hold a noticed public hearing. At the hearing, the other party to the agreement shall be given an opportunity to be heard. The Council may refer the matter to the Planning Commission for further proceedings or for report and recommendation. The Council may impose such conditions to its action as it considers necessary to protect the interests of the City.
(§ 1, Ord. 953-NS, eff. January 20, 1987)