Sec. 9-5.201.  Ratification of prior City requirements.
   The Council hereby affirms the environmental impact regulation policies and procedures heretofore ordered by the Council following the decision of the California Supreme Court in Friends of Mammoth, et al. v. Board of Supervisors of Mono County, et al. 8 Cal. 3rd 1 (8 Cal 3rd 247) on September 21, 1972. Those rules, policies, and procedures are specifically set forth in Resolution Nos. 72-311, 72-317, 72-388, and 72-412 of the Council.  All requirements pursuant to said resolutions for conservation element statements, conservation element reports, environmental impact statements (environmental impact declarations), and environmental impact reports are hereby reaffirmed.
(§ I, Ord. 633-NS, eff. June 9, 1977)