Sec. 9-4.3903.  Development permits: Standards, conditions and limitations (C-2/AM).
   All development standards that are applicable to the Highway and Arterial Business (C-2) Zone shall apply to the Highway and Arterial Business/Auto Mall (C-2/AM) Zone except that, in the case of a conflict between said standards and those set forth in this article, the provisions of this article shall apply.  The following development standards are established within the C-2/AM Zone for auto repair and auto body repair uses, and all development permits issued for uses in the C-2/AM zone shall be conditioned to ensure compliance with said standards:
   (a)   All repair work shall be conducted in an enclosed building;
   (b)   All damaged and dismantled vehicles and parts shall be kept inside a building or shall or completely screened from adjacent streets, highways, and freeways by a minimum six (6') foot high solid decorative wall or fence;
   (c)   Entrances to service bays shall not be open to the street but shall face the rear or interior property lines unless obscured by an intervening structure, solid wall or fence; and
   (d)   The operation shall not unreasonably emit noise, dust, smoke, odor, vibration, or other harmful or annoying substances.
(§ 1, Ord. 1168-NS, eff. January 5, 1993)