Sec. 9-4.3900.  Purpose (C-2/AM).
   The purpose of this article is to establish a zone referred to as the “C-2/AM” or “Highway and Arterial Business/Auto Mall Zone,” in order to encourage the grouping of dealerships, automotive sales and leasing uses, and also allow automotive support services such as automotive equipment installation, parts sales, auto body and mechanical repair to operate within the designated C-2/AM Zone.  The C-2/AM Zone is to be applied at those locations in the City in which a grouping of automobile sales and services may be developed and operated in a manner which is compatible with adjacent land uses, that displays visual characteristics that enhances the appearance of this area to promote trade and commerce, and accommodates the convenience of motorists with adequate vehicular access and circulation.  The City’s intent is to recognize the special needs associated with auto dealerships and automobile uses within an auto mall area and to develop appropriate development and performance standards to facilitate their growth and prosperity in a manner that is harmonious and sensitive to the surrounding community.
(§ 1, Ord. 1168-NS, eff. January 5, 1993)