Sec. 9-4.3600.  Purposes (OS).
   The open Space Zone (OS) is established for the following purposes and in order to comply with Government Code Sections 65560–65570, 65910 and 65911:
   (a)   To ensure that the use of property as natural open space is related to the purposes and policies of the Land Use Element, Conservation Element and Open Space Element of the General Plan; and
   (b)   To recognize and identify the intrinsic ecological value, scenic and/or undisturbed nature of particular private parcels of land; and
   (c)   Adopt an action plan as required by Government Code 65564 to provide standards and guidelines for their continued use and preservation; and
   (d)   To ensure that any proposed structures and improvements in the zone will be compatible with surrounding zones and uses and will have minimal impact on the natural, undisturbed character of the land.
   The requirements of the OS Zone are intended to apply to publicly owned property, property planned for public ownership, and certain private property within the OS Zone. It is not intended to imply present or future public ownership of land within the Open Space Zone.
(§ I, Ord. 1108-NS, eff. June 20, 1991)