Sec. 9-4.3400.  Purpose (HL).
   The HL or Historic Landmark Overlay Zone is established to promote the economic and general welfare of the City by identifying and regulating real property of special historic or cultural significance, as defined in Section 1-9.205 of Article 2 of Chapter 9 of Title 1 of this Code, in order to protect and preserve the rich cultural and natural heritage of the City and the Conejo Valley.  The application of the HL Zone shall be in the manner specified for all rezoning applications by the provisions of Article 29 of this chapter.  When property has been rezoned to the HL Zone, all the regulations of the underlying zone shall apply, except as set forth in this article.  Property in the HL Zone shall be so designated by the appropriate zoning symbol on the zoning maps.
(§ I, Ord. 632-NS, eff. June 2, 1977)