Sec. 9-4.3204.  City projects reviewed by Planning Commission (P-L).
   (a)   City Permit and Planning Commission Review for City Projects.  A City permit or entitlement, with a Planning Commission decision, shall be required for all City public works, City uses, City improvements or projects, except as those qualifying projects under subsection (b).  The Planning Commission shall conduct a noticed public hearing on its consideration of such City projects. For such City projects or uses the Planning Commission may apply any standard, impact analysis and criteria it otherwise applies when considering City land use entitlements or development permits for private projects or uses.
   (b)   Exceptions to Planning Commission Review and Permit.  Planning Commission decision under subsection (a) above shall not be required for any City proposed or funded project, City public building, City use, or other City owned or leased structure, facility, improvement, equipment installation or real property use that:
   (1)   Had a Planning Commission review or final approval by the City Council prior to the effective date of this section;
   (2)   A construction contract had been awarded regarding such, or on-site City staff work had been implemented prior to the effective date of this section;
   (3)   Is used for or with regard to:
   i.     the collection, transporting, pumping, storage, handling or treatment of waste water;
   ii.     the supplying, transporting, pumping, storage, handling or treatment of water;
   iii.     a City facility security, exterior lights or law enforcement function;
   iv.     a street, median, sound walls, lights, sidewalk, utility lines or undergrounding thereof or any landscaping;
   v.     a traffic signal, traffic sign or traffic control or enforcement device;
   vii.     a site or building that is not to be open to the general public; or
   viii.     the collection, conveyance, pumping, retention, handling or discharge of storm water.
   (4)   Any one time use, irregularly scheduled use or infrequent special event using City property.
   No City permit or entitlement approval shall be required for qualifying City work, uses, improvements or projects described or listed under this subsection.
(§ I, Ord. 220-NS, eff. August 19, 1971; repealed by § 43, Ord. 1178-NS, eff. April 27, 1993, as added by § 4, Ord. 1219-NS, eff. October 11, 1994, as amended by § 4, Ord. 1243-NS, eff. October 3, 1995, and § 2, Ord. 1419-NS, eff. December 17, 2003)