Sec. 9-4.3107.  Open space ownership and maintenance (H-P-D).
   Those areas covered by a hillside development permit which are to remain as undeveloped open spaces, such as undevelopable slopes and natural landmarks, etc., or which are to be used for recreational purposes may be offered, through dedication, to a governmental jurisdiction as part of an open space and park system.  If, however, the district or City does not accept such an offer, the developer shall make provisions for the ownership and care of the open space in such a manner that there can be necessary maintenance thereof.  Such area shall be provided with appropriate access and shall be designated as separate parcels which may be maintained through special fees charged to the residents of the subject development or through an appropriate homeowners’ association.  All cuts and fills above or below the height of the first terrace would have to be maintained in perpetuity and guaranteed through the bond of the developer.
(§ 1, Ord. 224-NS, eff. September 9, 1971, renumbered by § 11, Ord. 383-NS, eff. July 12, 1973)