Sec. 9-4.2921.  Prezoning unincorporated territory.
   Unincorporated territory adjoining the City may be prezoned for the purpose of determining the zoning which will apply to such property in the event of subsequent annexation to the City.  The method of accomplishing such prezoning shall be as provided for zoning territory within the City.  Such zoning shall become effective at the same time the annexation becomes effective.
   If territory which is annexed has not been prezoned, an urgency interim ordinance may be adopted in accordance with the provisions of Section 9-4.2920 of this article.  If neither a prezoning nor an urgency interim ordinance has been adopted, the territory shall retain its County zoning classification upon annexation to the City.
(§ 8164.19, T.O.O.C., as added by § 20, Ord. 89, as amended by § III, Ord. 233, renumbered by § XIV, Ord. 173-NS, eff. November 5, 1970)