Sec. 9-4.2904.  Applications: Filing fees.
   To cover the expenses of postage, posting, advertising, printing, and other items incidental to proceedings, a fee prescribed by Council resolution shall be paid upon the filing of a zone change.  No application shall be accepted for filing or processing unless such fee is paid.
(§ 8164.3, T.O.O.C., as amended by § 2, Ord. 43, § XVII, Ord. 162-NS, eff. August 27, 1970, as renumbered by § XIV, Ord. 173-NS, eff. November 5, 1970, as amended by § XVI, Ord. 581-NS, eff. August 12, 1976, and § XIV, Ord. 776-NS, eff. April 16, 1981)