Sec. 9-4.2507.  Reduced side yards.
   Whenever the zone classification of any land is changed, any lot of record therein prior to the effective date of the new zone classification may be used as a building site even though the lot has less lot area or lot width than the new requirements, and whenever the lot width is less than the new requirements, the side yard of any building may be reduced to not less than ten (10%) percent of the average lot width or three (3') feet, whichever is greater.  For the purposes of this section, “lot of record” is any lot shown as part of a recorded subdivision or any parcel of land described by metes and bounds in a recorded deed or record of survey or other appropriate document recorded in the office of the County Recorder, except that no lot or parcel of land created without compliance with the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act (former Sections 11500 et seq. of the Business and Professions Code of the State) or this Code shall be entitled to the waiver of the provisions of this section.
(§ 8160.12, T.O.O.C., renumbered by § XIV, Ord. 173-NS, eff. November 5, 1970, as amended by § 27, Ord. 1437-NS, eff. July 7, 2005)