Sec. 9-4.1901.  Purpose and intent.
   The conversion of rental apartments or mobile home parks to ownership status and the change of use of mobile home parks impacts the supply and availability of rental housing, and may cause displacement of residents, particularly seniors and families with children who may be required to move from the community due to lack of replacement housing.  A reduction in the supply of rental housing creates pressure for higher rents in the remaining rental housing.  However, conversions may sometimes provide unique opportunities for lower income households to purchase their own homes.
   The City seeks to avoid the problems that beset condominium conversion projects, and to assure a reasonable balance of rental and ownership housing and a variety of individual choices of tenure, type, price, and location of housing and to maintain a supply of rental housing for low and moderate income persons and families.
   The City finds that the unique problems and opportunities presented by the conversions of existing residential rental housing units and rental mobile home parks to ownership status and the change of use of rental mobile home parks to other uses require special considerations pursuant to this article.
   This article is intended to comply with California law, which is subject to amendment from time to time. The requirements of state law, as amended, shall supersede any specific provision of this article in conflict with state law.
(§4, Ord. 1459-NS, eff. April 21, 2006)