Sec. 9-4.1105.  Signs (C-O).
   Subject to the requirements and conditions of the planned development permit, business signs advertising only the business conducted or the services provided on the premises shall be the only signs permitted in the C-O Zones.  Such signs shall be attached to the building and shall not project more than twelve (12") inches therefrom.  The total sign area permitted on the front of the building shall be limited to one square foot of area for each foot of the width of the front of the building.  Such signs may be permitted on each side of the building which faces a public street.  No such sign shall extend above the height of the building to which it is attached.  Such signs may be illuminated or consist of nonintermittent or nonflashing neon lighting.
   The Community Development Director may permit one single-faced sign on any portion of a parcel of record to advertise the sale or lease in total of the subject property, identify a construction project, or announce a building project.  Such sign shall not total more than fifty (50) square feet in sign area on a parcel of record less than five (5) acres in size, or one hundred (100) square feet in sign area on a parcel of record of five (5) acres or more in size.  No portion of any sign permitted pursuant to the provisions of this section shall have a height of more than fifteen (15') feet or have a dimension of the panel face which exceeds fifteen (15') feet.  Such sign shall be removed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
(§ 8138.3, T.O.O.C., as added by § 1, Ord. 85, as amended by § 1, Ord. 222)