Sec. 9-4.911.  Residential planned development: Single-family detached dwellings within an R-P-D  sub-zone with a density greater than 4.5 dwelling units per net acre.
   (a)   The standards referred to in subsection (b) may be applied to R-P-D Zones for construction of detached dwelling units on land zoned at a density greater than R-P-D four and one-half (4.5) dwelling units per net acre in “in-fill” areas, which are defined as being substantially surrounded by existing or approved development, to: (1) provide for more efficient land utilization for startup and retirement families, (2) substitute for single-family and multifamily attached dwelling units, (3) improve housing product with smaller lot sizes for variety within the City, (4) enhance streetscape variety within the City, (5) provide housing with less exterior yard maintenance and maintenance cost, (6) facilitate clustered development with greater expansion of common open space areas, (7) avoid the cost and added regulations by a homeowners association or condominium restrictions, and (8) simplify insurance requirements for homeowners.
   (b)   Reduced building setbacks, reduced driveway lengths, reduced guest parking, smaller lot sizes, reduced useable private open space, greater building heights but limited to two stories and different configurations of single-family detached dwelling units may be considered on property zoned for single-family attached and multi-family projects with an R-P-D sub-zone or Specific Plan designation with a density greater than four and one-half (4.5) dwelling units per net acre in “in-fill” areas.  The development standards for such single-family detached projects shall be as established by the Planning Commission, with findings of justification for any modification from current R-P-D standards in conjunction with the approval of the R-P-D permit and the permit will comply with the intent and purpose of the R-P-D Zone and this section.
(§ 1, Ord. 1257-NS, eff. March 26, 1996)