Sec. 9-4.107.  City project review.
   The City Council finds that the use, size, design, budget, site and construction plans for public buildings, real property, or facilities to be built or owned by the City of Thousand Oaks should have a formal City permit issued for such and have received a Planning Commission decision approving or denying such permit and project.  No review by the Planning Commission, administrative officer or other board or commission shall be required by this title for other City facilities or projects such as, but not limited to, structures not open to the general public, water and wastewater lines, water facilities, wastewater treatment plan additions or modifications, installation of signs, street work, or minor public works projects.
(§ 1, Ord. 1219-NS, eff. October 11, 1994, as amended by § 1, Ord. 1243-NS, eff. October 3, 1995, and § 1, Ord. 1419-NS, eff. December 17, 2003)