Sec. 9-3.1006.  Street tree planting.
   The improvement agreement executed pursuant to Section 9-3.1003 of this article shall include provisions for the planting within parkways or public service easements along sidewalks within the subdivision of at least one tree for each lot and two (2) trees for each corner lot in the subdivision.  The trees and shrubs proposed to be planted shall be of a type selected from the planting pallets contained in the Forestry Master Plan and approved by the Public Works Director and the Community Development Director or their respective designees.  A schematic plan for the proposed tree planting, showing the type and location of the trees, shall be prepared by a California registered landscape architect and shall be submitted to the Public Works Director and the Community Development Director for approval prior to the installation of such trees.  The installation of such trees shall be made prior to the occupancy of any development requiring street trees.  All or any part of this requirement may be waived if it is determined that the requirement would be unnecessary or unreasonable under the circumstances in any particular case.  Such waiver shall be requested at the time of the review of the tentative map.
(Ord. 744-NS, eff. April 17, 1980, as amended by § 13, Ord. 1217-NS, eff. September 27, 1994)