Sec. 9-3.925.  Parcel map preparation.
   A parcel map may be compiled from data shown on final maps, records of surveys, and parcel maps only if such filed or recorded maps were based upon field surveys and were recorded within the last fifteen (15) years.  Data from a field survey made within the last fifteen (15) years and filed with the County Surveyor may also be used.  The fifteen (15) year time limit may be waived by the City Engineer if it is shown that record monumentation exists and that existing angles and distances on the ground measure within the required limits of record angles and distances.  Parcel maps compiled from filed or recorded data shall conform to the requirements of the Subdivision Map Act and this Code.  All other parcel maps shall be based on a field survey made in conformity with the Land Surveyor’s Act and shall conform to the requirements of the Subdivisions Map Act and this Code.
(Ord. 744-NS, eff. April 17, 1980)