Sec. 9-3.903.  Size and materials.
   Final maps and parcel maps shall be clearly and legibly drawn, printed or reproduced by a process ensuring a permanent record in black on tracing cloth or polyester base film.  All signatures shall be made in waterproof opaque ink.  If ink is used on polyester base film, the ink surface shall be coated with a suitable substance to ensure permanent legibility.  The size of each sheet shall be eighteen (18") inches by twenty-six (26") inches.  A marginal line shall be drawn completely around each sheet leaving an entirely blank margin of one inch.  The scale of the map shall be one inch equals forty (40’) feet or one inch equals fifty (50’) feet, and enough sheets shall be used to accomplish this end.  With the approval of the City Engineer, the scale used may be modified, particularly where large lots (e.g., twenty thousand (20,000) square feet or greater) are involved, and the clarity of the map is not inferior.  A graphical scale not less than three (3") inches in length shall be shown in addition to the numerical scale.
(Ord. 744-NS, eff. April 17, 1980)