Sec. 9-3.902.  Preparation: Multiple final maps.
   After the approval or conditional approval of a tentative map and prior to the expiration thereof, the subdivider may prepare a final map or parcel map of the proposed subdivision, or any portion thereof.  A final map or parcel map shall be prepared by a civil engineer registered by the State or a land surveyor licensed by the State and shall be in substantial compliance with the approved tentative map and in full compliance with the Subdivision Map Act and this Code.  If the final map does not include the entire area of the approved tentative map, the subdivider shall obtain from the County Surveyor a suffix number to the tract number or parcel map number appearing on the tentative map.
   Multiple final maps relating to an approved or conditionally approved tentative map may be filed prior to the expiration of the tentative map; provided, however, the subdivider, at the time the tentative map is filed, shall inform the City of the subdivider’s intention to file multiple final maps on such tentative map.  In providing such notice, the subdivider shall be required to define the number and configuration of the proposed multiple final maps which number and configuration shall be subject to the approval of the City.  The filing of a final map on a portion of an approved or conditionally approved tentative map shall not invalidate any part of such tentative map.  The right of the subdivider to file multiple final maps shall not detract from the authority of the City to impose reasonable conditions relating to the filing of multiple final maps.
(Ord. 744-NS, eff. April 17, 1980)